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Finding the right tools can help your Virtual Assistant Business run smoothly, and tracking your time is a critical requirement both when completing projects on a hourly basis and to figure your profitability when doing project-based pricing or MyHours allows you to track time spent on projects easily and free.

My Hours is a Freemium time tracking tool that allows you to easily track your time when doing projects for clients or when checking to make sure you have scoped project work correctly. Freemium means that there are free and premium options available and the good news with My Hours is that the free version does much of what you'll want to do as a virtual assistant. If you want to invoice directly from based on your timesheets, then you will need the premium version.

Free versus Premium

The free version allows you to track time for clients, set rates, and even track projects. If you want to invoice or have advanced reporting, you'll need the premium option. provides superior service and tracking options in their free service, and if you need the advanced features, the pricing at $6 per month per team member is a great deal.

Check out the pricing and more information on the free versus premium version.

How to Configure for Free

In your browser, go to

Click on the button that reads, “Get My Hours Free” in the top left corner of the webpage.

Enter your Full name, Email address, and a Password. As with most applications and websites, you are agreeing to their Terms of Service, so you should review these before signing up.

Click on the Next button to move forward.

On the next screen, enter your Company Name, Country where you are located, How many people are in the company, and optionally your mobile phone number and select Create New Company.

Note that many Virtual Assistants are sole proprietors working alone. In this case, use your name as the company name.

This will redirect you to the sign in page, so you can sign in and start using My Hours. Congratulations. You're now ready to start tracking your time for free.

How to Use MyHours for Tracking

Coming up next, I will show you how to use My Hours to create projects and link them to customers, then track your time spent on these projects for accurate billing.

Transcript of Video How to Configure My Hours Time Tracking Tool

(00:00): Introduction to Configuring Time Tracking

Hey everybody, it's Kim Shivler. Welcome. Today we are gonna look at an awesome tool. This is called My Hours, and it is to allow you to actually track your time. This is a perfect tool for Virtual Assistants to track time when working for clients. If you are a coach, a consultant, it also has ramifications for you. It is, as I said, one of my favorite business tools. And the cool thing is it's Freemium, which means there's a free option. In fact, I've never needed the pay-for, premium, option the way I use it. So let's look at what this offers us and how to get started. So the first thing I'm gonna do is go to my, and in this first video, what we're gonna do is set up my hours, and then in the second video, we're actually gonna dig a little bit more into using it.

(01:06): Enter Your Business Information

So this is a two-video project. Here I am, there is pricing. However, like I said, so many options are free. In the blog post, I will do some listing of more of the premium options. But for these two videos, I'm really gonna be showing you the free options. So we're gonna click here on Get My Hours free, and this is gonna be my full name. This is just what they show me. Uh, you know what, it shows to them. They're not, It's not like a social network where everybody is joining in and seeing you. And I'm gonna put my email in and I'm gonna set up a password. Let's see if it'll take this password. My company name is actually KS Training and Consulting. I am in the United States. I'm a one to five company because I have filled out other things. It does have my, uh, this is my 800 number. It's not actually a mobile, so I'm gonna take that out. All right, I have now signed up for the product. Now I can go back here and sign in.

(03:07): Use for Client Tracking and Tracking Your Own Tasks

And here's during my setup. So this is, I've signed in, and it's gonna walk me through what am I mainly going to use this for. So if you're billing clients, this is a great way to report your billable hours. I also, as I teach people how to build projects or project pricing around their services, instead of say just an hourly fee, we actually have a product price or project price for, for example, sending a MailChimp newsletter. Calculating the profitability is a great way to do this. Most of us as virtual assistants, aren't going to be tracking this for payroll. And that will get you into, if you do need that probably into the premium. And the same with you may or may not need the insight into the team work hours. The two that I tend to use are the reporting billable hours to clients and calculating the profitability.

(04:12): This Completes the Configuration – Next Video How to Track Time

But my main objective is gonna be the reporting. I'm gonna click on Continue. Now, if I had team members, I could invite them here to track their time with me before you jump in. They are showing us they've got a video tour that's 24 minutes. They've got helpful articles when you sign up. I really recommend that you go through those. Obviously, for our purposes, I'm not going to, and that has me set up with my initial project. Just quickly, to look at this before we go on to the next video where we get into some of the details, it starts, it starts me out here with my timesheet and clients and projects and tasks and timing. You will note that when you first start up, you have a pro trial for 14 days. So right now, you're going to have more options than you would at the end of the trial, but go ahead and play with it and see what you need. As I said, for my needs where I'm really just tracking time, I've never had to go to pro, but I always appreciate an app that allows me that flexibility. Like with Canva, where I started on a free subscription and moved to a professional subscription. That's it for getting My Hours initially configured. I'm Kim Shivler. I will see you right away in the next video on how to actually maximize your use of the product when you're tracking time for your clients. I'm Kim Shivler. I'll see you next time. Bye.

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