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About Kim Shivler, Your Site Creator and Instructor

My name is Kim Shivler. For over 30 years I have worked as a business and technology coach, instructor and writer both as a corporate employee and self-employed business owner.

My online service businesses included work as a web developer, technical writer, business coach and strategist, project manager and instructional designer. In each of these, I relied on Virtual Assistants to help complete my projects.

In early 2020, before we knew what the world of COVID would bring us, I was creating training modules for a few new VAs I had hired, and decided that this was an opportunity I wanted to share with more people.

Since then, I have offered limited classes along with private training and coaching to help people build this type of business.

Now, I want to bring this opportunity to you. Please join me in the launch of this site to learn how you can quickly create a business providing virtual services.

And hey, if you're already a VA, I've got an advanced track coming soon just for you.

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Feedback from Past Introduction Classes

The original dates for this course started in March 2020 and continued through late 2021 with a limited audience and client base. I am now expanding the program with more classes and resources for everyone.

Thank you. I learned things I can start implementing right away.


Another great class. Let's move forward with the next steps.

Thank you. I want to do this.

Feedback from Other Programs

I love how Kim explains things in a way that makes me know I can move forward and accomplish what she teaches with success.

Kerry M

Inspiring and actionable. This was just what I needed.

Jeff B

Thank you for the practical information you give.

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