What Does a Virtual Assistant Do – FAQ?

Virtual assistants provide virtual services that can range from basic administrative tasks to posting on social media, helping with blog posts, and managing projects. Most Virtual Assistants are self-employed and sell their services on an hourly or project basis.

What Skills do you need to be a Virtual Assistant?

The skills needed to be a virtual assistant depend on the services you decide to provide. If you want to create images for blog posts and social media, you’ll need to know how to use tools like Canva and if you want to support people with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, you will need to understand those applications.

How do I become a Virtual Assistant?

At its most basic level, you select the services you want to provide based on what you already know how to do and then advertise those and start getting gigs/customers and making money. At that point, you are a virtual assistant and can continue to grow from there.

Do Virtual Assistants Make Good Money?

Obviously, “Good Money” depends on your viewpoint. Virtual Assistants can count on making between $15 and $30 an hour with $25-$30 being the most common. Some Virtual Assistants make as much as $75 an hour which usually requires extra experience or special skills.

Are Virtual Assistants in Demand

Yes – virtual assistants are in high demand. The level of demand sometimes depends on the skills you have and the services you provide. A Virtual Assistant business is one of the fastest to launch and start making money because the services are in high demand.

Is Being a Virtual Assistant Hard?

Virtual assistant work is detailed to the services you provide. If you aren’t sure of what you are offering, it can be hard. If you adon’t know what to do it can be hard. If you know the skills you need and offer services around them and approach your work in a productive manner, it shouldn’t be hard. Time consuming possibly depending on the job, but not hard.

Is it Worth becoming a Virtual Assistant?

You must define the value of becoming a virtual assistant for yourself. Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the fastest ways to start making money in a virtual service business. As such, if you have the skills and don’t have to spend too much time learning and you want to jump start your new business it may be very worth becoming a virtual assistant.

Summary of What Does a Virtual Assistant Do

Virtual Assistants provide virtual services for small business owners and entrepreneurs. These services range from basic administrative support like helping manage email and calendars to help with websites, social media, and project management.

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