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Ready to explore more about the opportunity to build your own business as a Virtual Assistant? Please enjoy this quick, less than 30-minute, presentation to help you get started and move to the next steps.

Highlights Of The Presentation

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • How much do Virtual Assistants make?
  • What skills do I need to become a Virtual Assistant?
  • What equipment do I need as a Virtual Assistant?

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Transcript Of Explore The Virtual Assistant Opportunity Video

(00:03): Introduction To The Virtual Assistant Opportunity Video

Hey everybody. It's Kim Shivler. Welcome. This is my quick class, less than 30 minutes to help you explore what is the opportunity to become a virtual assistant, not just to become an employee, but to build your own virtual assistant business, to make real money on your own terms, providing super valuable services to other business owners. We're going to look at some of the types of services you might wanna offer the overall opportunity and what kind of money you can depend on making. Thanks for joining me. I look forward to seeing you again in the future after this class, as always, if you have questions, click on the, ask me anything link, which will be in the page embedded in the page with this video. And I'm happy to answer things. Look forward to seeing you soon. Let's get started on the class.

(01:12): Thank You To Slides Carnival For The Presentation

Here we go. Exploring what is this opportunity around building a virtual assistant business. First of all, I have to thank Slides Carnival. I needed a template for this. I didn't have a slide template ready and Has free templates. You can use them. You just have to give them a shout-out like this. I recommend if you're looking to do a presentation, go ahead and start there.

Presentation For Information Purposes Plus Privacy Information

Quick disclaimer, before we get started, this is for informational purposes. I don't know your specifics in a what your monetary situation is, et cetera. So this is not legal or accounting advice. This is general business information, and it's here to help you from a privacy standpoint. Once you sign up for my list or for any of my products, I will send you information about building a small business, a virtual assistant business, or a side hustle. I will not rent, sell or share your information. If at any time you want to unsubscribe, you just click on unsubscribe it, the emails, and I will not send you anything else. Now let's get started with the fun today. We're gonna look at what exactly is the opportunity for building a VA business and what is a virtual assistant? What does that actually mean? What equipment do I need to get started?

(02:58): Good News – You Probably Have Most Of What You Need To Build A Virtual Assistant Business

Sometimes we look at building a business and it seems like there's so much to do and learn, plus costs to get started. The good news is not too much if needed here. And you probably have most of it. If not all of it, what skills do you need? A few ideas for some sample projects, and then we're gonna move you forward to getting started. If this interests you building that virtual assistant business for yourself.

(03:30): What Is A Virtual Assistant?

So first of all, what is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is someone think of an traditional administrative assistant in a company, someone who helps with any variety of administrative tasks. And we're gonna look at what some of those are shortly virtual means they're virtual, it's remote. You can do it from anywhere, home, your local coffee shop pretty much anywhere where you've got a high speed internet connection, which will go to more in a minute. So that's all a virtual assistant is think about everything an admin did, or in the old days, what we called secretaries did, those are the types of services you provide and you can provide them from anywhere.

(04:28): What Is The Opportunity To Work As A Virtual Assistant?

So what is the opportunity as a virtual assistant? It's one of the most in demand fields.So many people need someone to help them and particularly solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. They're not looking to just hire full-time people. They want someone who has their own equipment can work on their own, can be self-sustaining in that way, and it can help them get their work done. So who uses these virtual assistants, coaches, consultants, content creators, small businesses who don't need a full-time admin. So if you think about it and you do a little bit of research on the web, this is a lot of people. These services are in demand. Now let's talk a little bit about potential income. So from a pricing strategy, many VAs start at $15 an hour, kind of their starter pricing while they're getting going, really be careful starting too low. Don't go below $15 an hour. And most people

(05:56): How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

Are in the 20 to $25 an hour range. Even when they're getting started, this is very common that you can find a VA who works in this range and some are $30 an hour or more now to be the $30 an hour more, you usually have to have a little bit more specialized skills. So when we start talking about things like basic skills, like helping with email management or file organization, not many people are gonna pay you $30 an hour or more for that. However, if you have some specialized skills in certain types of email management or blog posting that maybe moves into almost junior development level. Now you're looking at that 30 plus an hour, but the most common I see with people is somewhere between $20 and $25, maybe up to $28. What does that mean? If we annualized it into a salary? Well, the income opportunity here is this.

(07:13): What Is A Virtual Assistant Salary?

When HR departments look at salaries, they look at hours, they break them down this way. 2080 hours is if you worked full-time 40 hours a week for the year, part-time the 20 hours a week is 1040. And if you just worked the 10 hours a week, it's 520. I include the 10 hours a week because a lot of people do this as a side hustle, or at least they started as a side hustle. They have a regular job. They wanna bring in a little bit more money. So they start as a, a side hustle. Maybe they're only willing to work five hours, but five to 10 hours a week. Anyway. So you can look at these numbers. If you're charging $15 an hour and you worked a full time schedule, you would make $31,200; halftime $15,600; just the 10 hours a week, $7,800, not a bad little extra amount of money. Now, of course, just like with your regular paycheck, you're not taking all of that home, there's taxes and that type of thing, but this would be the way the salaries are seen. So as you can see that going up to $20 an hour, if you're full time $41,600; $25 an hour $52,000 ; $30 an hour $62,400. So there is definitely money to be made here.


And it's up to you to decide, is this something that interests you

(08:54): What Equipment Does A Virtual Assistant Need?

Full part-time or really even half of part-time. So let's look at the equipment we would need to get started. It's really simple. You need a computer, high-speed internet, and your phone. You need a phone cause you gotta talk to your clients. You've got to call people. You've got to communicate, but most of us have phones these days. In fact, pretty much everyone I know has a cell phone of some type. You will need a computer. And that's the one that some people don't have out of the box. And I do have an article helping you decide what type of computer you need. The good news is you don't need a super, super high end. It doesn't have to be, for example, a gaming level computer. It does have to be more than for example, a Chrome book, because it does need to be able to run applications. So we have an article for that for you, if you need that help some skills that you'll need. So, first of all, this is something I tell people all the time as a business and technology coach, all business owners. And when you're building this business, you are not an employee. You're building your own business. You are a business owner and have all the responsibilities around that. All Bo all business owners need some technical skills, business skills and communication skills. Those are the three keys to running and building a successful business.

(10:50): What Basic Technical Skills Are Needed As A Virtual Assistant?

Our basic technical skills. You're going to need basic computer skills. As I mentioned, you need a computer and this is the type of work you're going to be doing for people on the computer. You need email management skills and pretty much everyone. These days has email. Email is probably the number one way. Your customer will communicate with you that you'll communicate back and forth. Highly recommend having some experience with office, suite applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Doc.s Even if you are not offering those kind of services, just to keep your own notes clear about your clients and what you're supposed to be doing and what your progress is. Being able to use tools like this will help you being able to do internet research, going online and searching on the search engines is

(11:53): Basic Project Management Is Important For Virtual Assistants

Very helpful. Again, even if you don't offer that as a service and in our programs, we will look at how to provide services for internet research. But even if you're not doing that, you want to be able to check out your competition. Look for customers and gigs. Find places to post your information. That is a basic set of internet research that you need. And the same with project management now managing projects for people is a service you can offer. We're not gonna cover that today. It will come in future information, but even if you're not offering it as a service, you need some basic project management skills for yourself. One of the key things of being in your own business and being particularly in a virtual business is you have to manage your own time. You have to know what projects you need to do when you have to complete them and plan on how long it's going to take you to complete them on time.

(13:04): You Can Learn These Skills As You Go Along If You Don't Have Them Yet

That's project management. So you need some basic skills. Don't panic. If you look at this and think, oh my gosh, I don't have all those skills. Don't panic. The good news is you can learn them and you can learn them as you go. So don't hold yourself back and say, oh, I can't start this until I have everything Kim's talking about. Now. I want you to start. Now if this interests you and it's what you wanna do, start now get your first customers. Start making money and learn as you go. It's one of the beautiful aspects of this opportunity.

(13:54): Soft Skills Are Critical For Business Owners

Soft skills, woo. People tell me a lot of times soft skills seem to be so hard sometimes, but these are really, really critical for people. Communication, successful communication is critical when you're running your own business, because you have to successfully communicate with your customer or you're not gonna be successful. And we might lose our job, our, our gig. It's not truly a job, but it's a customer. It's a gig. Self-Motivation no one is gonna be on you every day saying, did you do this? Did you do this? Did you do this? They're expecting you. They've given you a task project. You have to complete it. You have to be able to motivate yourself to get it done. Ability to follow directions is important. People are going to tell you what they need, give you the steps. You have to be able to follow them.

(14:51): Listening Is A Critical Skill For Virtual Assistants

One that people forget a lot of times is the ability to listen closely and ask questions. Customers slash clients are going to give you information. You need to be able to listen to it, process it, ask questions when you're not certain. And I'd add to that. Also be able to reiterate back to them, to discuss back to them. Okay? So I understand that what we're going to do is X, Y, and Z, lot of communication here, and then a big bonus. It's not a hundred percent have to be dialed in initially, but the more creative you can think the better. When you can look at a problem and creatively, think of a solution, you are going to be more valuable to your customers, and that's gonna help you build a more successful business. And then a few business skills you're gonna need again, if you don't know these don't panic, you can learn as you go along.

(16:03): Basic Business Skills Are Important For Any Business Owner

Every business owner needs some marketing and sales skills. Being able to explain the services we offer in an enticing manner. So people wanna work with us and being able to communicate that really sales is just communicating your value. When you're talking to that potential customer that you have to do, you've gotta learn some basic bookkeeping skills. Even if you're gonna hire someone, you need to know the basics. And along with that tax reporting, as I mentioned, when you look at those numbers of what the salary would be a bunch of that gets taken out in taxes. And so you have to understand how to calculate that. So many people who start their first small business get into trouble because they spend all the money. They're not taking it out for taxes and filing properly. And all of a sudden they have this huge tax bill and they have no idea how they're gonna pay it. We will have upcoming on the website information and tips on tax reporting, staying ahead of it so that you don't get behind or in trouble.

(17:27): Being Ethical And Trustworthy Are The Two Most Important Traits For Virtual Assistants

Those are the big skills or the initial skills and the most, most important one that I always say, this is my quote, is that ethics and trust are the most important traits needed for a virtual assistant. All that other stuff you can learn. If you're not an ethical person, you really have to work on making sure that you are because people are trusting you with businesses. They're trusting you to keep their business secrets, to be proprietary, keep their information proprietary. It's very, very important. Everything else can be pretty easily learned. If you start out as someone who is very trustworthy with the people who work with you, you are gonna do fine.

(18:15): Calendar And Email Management Are Popular Virtual Assistant Tasks

So let's talk about a few sample projects you might do as a virtual assistant email and calendar management are one popular one. And for people who don't have other computer skills may be the best way to get started. Cuz almost all of us know how to use email. So many of us business owners are not get into a situation where we've got way too many subscriptions. We're getting 9 million extra emails. So we hand it off to someone to clean that up and document those unsubscribes, go in there and unsubscribe to all this junk. I'm getting delete it. If I haven't been deleting it myself sometimes send canned replies. If I get a lot of questions that are the same question over and over again, I have a canned answer for it. You hire someone to help with that. And sometimes to organize them topics into folders, labels, et cetera, from a calendar side, many people ask for help scheduling meetings, sending confirmations, working with their teams on managing their calendar.

(19:39): Basic Image Creation Is A Popular Virtual Assistant Task

Basic image creation, very, very popular task for virtual assistance to create social media and blog images, using tools like PicMonkey or Canva to find purchase and optimize stock photos for websites and social media, where they give you access to their account. And you go search for images that are gonna fit that next social media post or blog post perfectly. And then one that my own virtual assistants do for me and many other content creators use is for people to post their YouTube videos. So for example, they upload the video to the channel, create the thumbnail and set it, add the transcript, add introduction, information, and post other links. Copy the code. Maybe even paste the code into a new blog post very popular when working with content creators. So how do we get started?

(20:47): Ready For More? Join My 10 Day VA Business Launch Program

So first evaluate your skills. If you're here, you've probably already taken the quiz on the opportunity and things to start thinking about that interest you, if you haven't, I will put a link on the page that this video goes to. The next thing is grab my guide to 10 VA opportunities. We talked about a couple of gigs, a couple of services that virtual assistance provide. I have a guide. It has says 10. I've actually got a little bonus content in there that give you more information into popular VA services. And then if you're really interested, I hope you will join me on my 10 Day VA Business Launch Program. This is 10 days and $29 to actually jumpstart your VA business and start making money with your first customers. All the links are going to be on this page where you're watching the video. If you are watching on YouTube, those same links will be in the YouTube intro along with a link to the full page. I hope you'll join me with more of this in the future because if you're getting excited now, I hope you're seeing the potential to build this as a business. Please connect with me further again. I will have these links on the page. You can email me Kim at virtual assistant, Facebook, Instagram, and the website. And if you go to the website, virtual assistant, you will see a link to ask me anything. And there you can go and add comments to ask the questions you want and get answers from me in the future.


I'm Kim Shivler. Thanks so much for joining me. I'll see you next time. Bye.

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