Featured Image for Adding Your Email Signature for Free Marketing. Includes a screengrab of my Kim Shivler, M.Ed. signature

Email Signature – Free Marketing for Virtual Assistants

An Email Signature is one of the most often overlooked marketing opportunities for Virtual Assistants and other Virtual Service Professionals. It provides free marketing every time you email someone or respond to their email. Popular Post Topics As a longer post, over 4000 words, I have linked to specific highlighted sections to help you find

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Featured Image reads How to Link to an Image Online

Copy and Paste Image Links to Display Images Online

Many people are used to uploading images in order to share with people online. Sometimes services that deliver your images, for example, services delivering your Email Signature, may require that you copy and paste image links to display images online. At first glance, this seems a little daunting, but once you understand it, it's quite

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Virtual Assistants In the Gig Economy

Virtual Assistants in the Gig Economy provide valuable virtual services ranging from email management to social media support and project management. In other words, tasks that Virtual Assistants always provide. What is the Gig Economy? The Gig Economy refers to the ability to pick up what are normally quick/short jobs known as gigs. Many people

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Featured Image LastPass - How to Secure and Share Passwords

LastPass Password Manager Makes Managing Passwords easy

LastPass Password Manager can solve the challenge of creating and managing difficult-to-crack passwords. Trying to keep track of difficult passwords on your own can be almost impossible. This makes it tempting to make easy-to-break passwords that lead to hacked accounts. Using a Password Manager takes the burden off of you by remembering your passwords and

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Graphical image with words, How to send an email in MailChimp. Includes screen grab of Email Sent information

Send Newsletters in MailChimp

It's easy to send newsletters in MailChimp when you first create an email template. Once you have created your template, like we did in the last post and video, it's easy to login to MailChimp start with the template and create a new email. Steps to Send Newsletters in MailChimp from a Template Login to

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MailChimp Logo has MailChimp chimpanzee and words Intuit MailChimp

MailChimp Email Templates How To Create Email Templates to Save Time

MailChimp email templates allow you to send email newsletters faster by saving repeat information. MailChimp is a popular software dedicated to delivering Email Newsletters, Automated Onboarding Emails, and other Email blasts. Sending and managing these newsletters is a popular service provided by Virtual Assistants. Why Learn MailChimp as a Virtual Assistant? MailChimp is not the

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